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Fate Averruncus Tertium is an expert in both Western and Eastern magic, and he is highly skilled in martial arts his fighting style is Kung Fu. Initially, she can only summon the harisen on command, however she is later able to call upon both at will. Negi used this ability to fight Rakan to a draw. She is a fan of Nagi Springfield, and wishes to see Negi, posing as Nagi in battle. Theodora, the third princess of the Hellas Empire is a tomboyish woman, who was saved by Ala Rubra during the war.

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It looks like she had an interest towards Kotaro’s older form.

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Chamo often acts as Negi’s trusty advisor in most things, though there are times his judgement is lacking. Negi almost signed a contract signifying his support, until ayzse asked Godel why he only wished to save the 67 million humans of Megalomesembria and not the whole world, and disagreed with him that it was unrealistic to save everyone. Furthermore, she also looks like Asuna. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites.

Retrieved from ” https: She also exhibits the tendencies of being a sadist. Her evolution is such that after witnessing the apparent death of one of her new friends, she instantaneously reacts, stealing the powerful Grand Master Key and escaping with it single-handedly.

She is very close to Setsuna, who is Konoka’s protector and childhood friend, although Setsuna becomes flustered when Konoe tries to do anything with her. She is the one who called out Poyo Rainyday for the battle, the older sister of Zazie Rainyday. Although he holds no Pactio with Negi, Kotaro often acts as a partner of Negi in combat, partnering with him in a tournament in the Magical World in order to gain money to free their friends from indentured servitude.


She succeeds in the formation of the Pactio and then suddenly tells Kotaro that she has feelings for him; she immediately regrets this and runs off.

Yue Ayase / Student Number 4 Voice

After being accidentally transported to the Magic World, she is forced to become an indentured servant along with Akira and Natsumi to pay for medication she received.

She likes to get the inside scoop ayasd everything that goes on, and is part of the Mahora Paparazzi. She is also a magical knight of Ariadne. She desperately attempts to make friends, though she always ends up being treated as an evil spirit. When she is defeated and her magic depleted this causes her armor-clothes to disappear, leaving her naked. After Negi starts teaching the class, she is eventually noticed by him over time. She later obtains a doll for Sayo to possess, so that she can leave the school grounds.

Yue “Yuecchi, Baka Black, Yuekichi” Ayase

Instead of forming a Pactio contract with Negi, Kotaro acts as the Magister in a contract with Natsumi, who is in love with him, although as a year-old, he fails to comprehend the meaning behind Natsumi’s interrogation of his thoughts towards other girls. After Kotaro comes to the school for Negi, she forces him to live in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi’s younger brother, although he lives in great fear of her home remedies, which invariably consist of spring onion suppositories.

Satsuki has a unique way of speaking that is shown in the manga by depicting her words without a speech bubble ; she displays great wisdom for her age, and an image of a koala tends to be drawn beside her when she is making a speech. Ayasr is accidentally brought to the Magic World with Negi’s group, where she eventually begins to learn basic aysse. In the first anime series, her hair was shown to be a darker shade of red.


He later marries Natsumi during the epilogue of the final chapter of the manga.

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She is a close friend of Chao Lingshen, often working at her restaurant, sparring with her, or eating her nikuman. Kataragi is a mage employed by Mahora Academy.

During this time, she studies hard, and is soon recognized as a mage and candidate for Ariadne Knight. In order to defuse a feud between the two associations, Konoemon Konoe set up an auase marriage between Eishun with his daughter. Nagi detects a flying demon approaching, but failed to cast a protective spell as Asuna cancels out all nearby magic.

yje While treating fatal injuries, her soul leaves her body, and she uses much more power than she normally has to treat the wound, though she is left drained and unable to use her artifact for a period of time.

Magister Negi Magi by Ken Akamatsu.

Beatrix is a calm person who rarely sticks out. She also has a habit of wearing more masculine clothing to events, like wearing a suit instead of a dress to the ball in the magic world.

Evangeline has implied that Setsuna dyes her hair and wears colored contacts, and Negi himself has observed that Setsuna has a very pale complexion, which could mean that her white wings are a result of albinism.

She is an extremely skilled Chinese martial artistwho is very energetic and joyful.