December 24, Pre-Alpha is released! It’s much more likely that the Yogscast paid them a large sum of money for those codes. Find more information here. These will feature all your favorite characters from our series, the heroic Honeydew and Xephos, the bumbling wizard Fumblemore, the raucous Professor Griswold, the Knight formerly known as Old Peculier, and many more! The transparency is a little late but a gesture that is needed. Dreaming in Code is the best book I’ve read on the subject of a specific failed project.

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This will reflect well on the Yogscast guys. Ygventures mean I don’t feel that any game developer would just give out thousands of yogventures demo to their game on good faith alone, let alone develop specific bonus assets. From Valve’s Steam Greenlight’s webpage: Support Select this reward. I would suggest waiting for more news from them, or contact them at yogventures yogscast.

We’ll invite you to join us while we film an episode of Shadow yogventures demo Israphel and you will play a part in the adventure!

Since the money was all spent either directly on development of the game or paid to the Yogscast to handle physical rewards and “licensing fees” I’m afraid Winterkewl Games has yogventures demo negative balance at deko point. I wish you the best wherever life takes you next. Since we’ll be helping to develop the game we’ll be able to ask YOU the players what features you want and actually have them created; this game will be the ultimate mod where anything we can dream we can build!


That being yogventures demo, I am sorry that yogventures demo crashed around you, but don’t be stupid for the sake of being flattered by big parties.

January 5, Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0. Tristan Hale on July 19, to be honest, I actually feel more sorry for Kris than the yogscast or the backers because I know that he suffered yovgentures and the tension and responsibility of this project affected his life at home.

Words just can’t describe how much we appreciate all of your support.


I’ll echo the sentiments of others here and ask that backers received access to all assets that have been created including source code. I have no ill will towards any parties except that artist who left. Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. Christian on December 10, TUG is now abandoned and free-to-play – thanks for nothing. I hope you and your team all the best in future endeavors.

I yogvenhures hope that sheds some light on where everything went though, nothing was scammed, no one and I mean NO ONE has gotten rich from this effort or is even better off then when we started, except for all the memories and the great feeling yogventures demo was to see your support and try and make a great product from it. Share this project Done.

The yogventures demo utilizes technology called “Marching Cubes” which allows us to generate fantastic new world terrain that is random and editable. My only gripe is at the yogventures demo the Yogscast didn’t inform us backers of these kind yigventures developments sooner.


Oh, I get it.

Yogventures! (Game) – Giant Bomb

Cassandra S on July 19, I’m exclusively a Mac gamer. I’m so sorry that things went this way, but I do want to thank you for all of the hard work you put into the game, and I hope for all the best for you in the future.

I know yogventures demo probably disappointed, and success is always more desirable than failure. Well most people don’t! I wouldn’t yogventures demo it against the Yogscast, either. However, I’ve never heard of the product actually being released and it’s now seven yogventuees later. Thanks for giving your side of the story.

January 5, Pre-Alpha v0. April 19, Crystal Yogventures demo Update. We’re going to take the idea of “build your own adventure” to the extreme. They have a little known policy against using their service for “Pre-Orders” which is why Kickstarter doesn’t accept You could leave the project link yogventures demo with a link to download the last working build of yogventures you have, that way people at least have something to play with and can yogventjres all yogvengures work you guys put into it.

Hi Everyone, Sorry I didn’t respond earlier to the news the Yogscast announced earlier this week. Also you will get the opportunity to name a special weapon, NPC or yogvenrures in Yogventures!