Hold the fire button down to release bursts of automatic fire. Free Sega Shooting Game. Reload quickly or face the music with an empty gun. Old PC Gaming on. As an elite Virtua Cop, your mission is to clean the streets of Virtua City of all the filth and crime.

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This mode has the player in a shooting range and presents a series of challenges against a variety of moving and stationary targets. Pursue the crooks into the subway system, and vco; deeper into the heart of the Virtua City underground.

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Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. V Cop Special Weapons: Virtua Cop 2 B Gunner: When the game ends, you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your mission performance based on factors such as shots fired and accuracy. If you are using a Power-up, the ammo for that weapon is shown here. Some of his evidence made it back vcop pc game headquarters, a special task force was formed, and you were called for the job.

The faster you shoot a bad guy, the higher your score for the arrest. Vcop Video Game Shortcut Keys: Check out the F.


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As an elite Virtua Cop, your mission is to clean the streets of Virtua City of all the filth and crime. You also forfeit one Life Marker if you hit a hostage. When a Path Select message appears, shoot the name of the course you want to pursue to the end of the stage.

For two-player games, additional equipment such as a Windows PC keyboard or a PC game controller is needed. Virtua City Police Department uncovered an illegal operation that was taking place in the middle of the city. Magnums can be reloaded. Abandonware DOS is a free service.

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Gang Wars Sunday, December 30, Rome: Ammo shows how many rounds are left in your gun. Virtua Cop was notable for its use of real time vcop pc game graphics, which were subsequently used in both The House of the Dead and Time Crisis, instead of the two dimensional sprites and static gake that were used in previous games in the same genre. Some game devices may not be selectable for some Multiplayer Mode game connection types.

These texts use material from this Wikipedia article. Click the link below vcop pc game start the download. A welcome addition that can help newcomers to the genre. This website uses cookies to ensure we give you vckp best browsing experience.


Virtua Cop Monday, February 26, And vocp out for the bystanders hitting one is just as bad as shooting yourself. The automatic holds 15 rounds in the clip making it easier to take out several enemies at once.

It can be reloaded. Lose all your markers, and the game ends. And bear in mind that the bad guys are not above taking hostages. If you want to know more or if you wish to change cookie settings, please click here. This includes cookies from third party websites. Clean out docks and warehouses of armed smugglers; vcop pc game office buildings of scum.