One dozen of eid jokes and eid wall paper are presented for unmad fans. Unmad magazine in iphone and android for free. Reverie Corporation Limited plans to deliver good quality iphone and android application and games specifically for Bangladeshi user in coming days. Each style is explained through multiple images, written description of respective step and youtube video. Unmad – the Sanskrit word for Mad or insane , the first satire of Bangladesh was first published in May, It became popular and widely excepted at the very out set and approx copies have been sold since then. Low fuel and sudden obstacle have made this game challenging.

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There are seven different boats for its user to choose while facing any battle.

Unmad Juice – Unmad Magazine

Looks like the big is fixed. This page is also hnmad to provide feedback regarding other application and games developed by Reverie Corporation Limited. Once you download the free app, you will have the access to special color content of Unmad – selected and designed for iPhone. Unmad app offers all of the humor, stupidity and satire of the magazine.

To know more about Unmad, visit http: If you are unamd fun, Unmad application is the best entertainment app to serve the purpose. New content is presented dedicating eid. Unmad wallpaper is offered for its fan. We appreciate your interest in our community.


This app is only available on the App Store for iOS amgazine. But you have to add that this is the longest running regular monthly magazine not as the Cartoon magazine only of the country, and it is t he unmad magazine longest running Cartoon magazine of the south Asia! Wish to get it fixed soon, thank you! Eventually the house became as the Cartoon Institution of Bangladesh.

Their amateurish first issue was unmad magazine massive hit among mxgazine young and adult group of readers of Bangladesh.

UNMAD has broken a record in magazine circulation in late 80s. It wont unnad, crashes every-time when i open the app. It is mainly comic cartoon and really fun to read. Unmad in android Unmad in iphone Unmad application is free for unmad magazine user.

There is a scoring system within the game which is related to time limit.

Unmad magazine download

There was no online version of the magazine unless Reverie Magazzine Limited took initiative to bring Unmad unmad magazine in iphone and android. Here unmad magazine the History part. Unmad published monthly editions with upto magazinf sale per month. The game becomes tougher as levels up.


There is a facebook page to provide feedback, express anger or any comment regarding Unmad application. It has been developing applications and games in iOS, android and facebook platform for global and local user from her inception.

Unmad was a tri-monthly magazine at that time. Find all posts by raisa.

Unmad magazine celebrates 40 years!

This application is launched on the unmad magazine first day of Bengali Year for both iphone and android. Unmad is the most recent application of Reverie Corporation Limited. In late 90s a new group joined the team. They all were just University first year student at that time. If you want to describe it as only a Cartoon and Satire magazine- well- you can.

As user continues, levels become tough and complicated. The time now is They found it as the optimum circulation for Bangladesh. Reverie Corporation Limited was established on 13th March, as a private limited company under the Companies Act,