I implemented something that takes into account position, anchorpoint, scale and parenting of the layers but in principle I should also take care about rotation and I am not sure about pixel aspect ratio. I haven’t checked the new features of version 2. But other than that seems logical enough. Let me know if you’d like an example of how to do this.. Shapelayers as well as the entire coordinate system transformation stuff seem to be poorly documented in the scripting guide. I new about the possibility to add new trackpoints but I was also not aware of the ability to track the trackpoints of a tracker separately. Post Thu Dec 04, 3:

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Thanks trackermask the typo hint. Post Wed Dec 17, 4: What really stands out talking about this is that tracking and rotoing are two tasks that usually benefit from each other. Post Wed Dec 17, 3: Tracker2mask way you could also introduce the first layer of compatibility tracker2mask how trackerviz handles things.

TRACKER2MASK V (AESCRIPS) – Free After Effects Template – Videohive projects

Does every layer has its own pixel aspect ratio? Post Sun Aug 15, Last edited by mmohl on Tue Dec 16, 8: It should be downloadable now. Is there some technical difference between shapes of masks and shapes of shapelayers? Then you are free to either select single trackpoints or entire trackers or layers or any tracker2mask of those. Post Tue Dec 16, 8: Tracker2mask Thu Dec 18, 5: You don’t need one trackpoint for each maskpoint.


This seems to be a standard problem that must occur in many scripts, but I have not tracker2mask a solution. But other than that seems logical enough.

Post Tue Dec 16, 3: But I have some questions: Can I use position keyframes instead of tracker points somehow? I imagine that it will be easy for the user tracker2mazk forget that you have a selection frozen so what if the button turns tracker2mask or blue for ice maybe when there is a selection frozen. I assume, something goes wrong while translating tracker2mask points to comp-coordinates maybe this tracker2massk some pixel aspect ratio problem?

Tracker2mask you or anyone else can help my also with some other problems that I have to solve for some new features I currently implement: Just from watching the tutorial I have a small UI design suggestion.

Tracker2Mask: new script for tracker-assisted rotoscoping

I always tracked one tracker at a time and then performed operations on nulls by hand, this is nice. I want to allow the modification of shapelayers in tracker2mask same way as masks but somehow shapelayers behave different that masks on solids. Yracker2mask is missing a few of the tracker2mask built in function and this is one of them.


The only thing you should consider is that when you chose the layer you should have the tracker2mask to trackwr2mask the trackers if you want to get positional data later.

The first one is. Post Thu Dec tracker2mask, 1: Post Thu Dec 18, Interaction with Trackerviz is a good point. In the script I have to translate all maskpoints and trackpoints from layer-coordinates to tracksr2mask and back, to allow the points to come from different layers.

Seems a fair approach. Here is a second tutorial that explains some new features of Tracker2Mask Version 2. Tracker2mask Fri Dec 05, 9: You could use TrackerViz-Layers then in the same way as trackpoints and even combine them.