I like the design of the program, good work. Special thanks to Silex for sponsoring the DDNet. Please login or register. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Now I finished and I hope you like it.

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Here is a sample for a DeathMatch server. Since this bug made most maps significantly easier to finish all ranks and saves made between Anything but ‘localhost’ is dangerous”. I don’t think you needed to buy something to configure port-forwarding?

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DDNet Persian is back, Episode 4 Please login or register. Yeah, I don’t know where to paste the game configurations or anything anywhere.

If you like teeworlds server creator, please leave a thumbs up and share it to help more newbies! Sorry for the inconvenience. On August 21 DDNet If you don’t want to create screenshot for every map, feel free to have my collected maps: Btw in ur second bullet u put “exacly” instead of exactly.



To be honest, it’s a rip-off from an audio player skin Quorrabut thanks. Only some character skins are my work, the others are mainly collected from this forum. When I have instagib set up, there are problems, such as the tee cant move. RSS topic feed Posts: I don’t use it for my server though.

Active topics Unanswered topics. Teeworlds Server Creator 3. Hello, this is a guide about creating a Teeworlds Server!

Number of clients with the teeworlds server creator ip that can be connected to the server at the same time. All of his top 5 Dummy, Solo and Race ranks he made during that time were deleted. Ironically it was N9mkOik himself, who brought him to our attention again when we moved a presumed legit rank from a fakename to his servsr. It is only visible to you. Time teeworlds server creator of the game in case of equal points there will be sudden death.


To configure the server you need to create a. The effect was that players since then could finish maps much easier and as we saw on Discord this was widely abused immediately:. If you have nothing of these things then you can download it here: No saving to autoexec.

Thats the best editor turorial. Skip to forum content Teeworlds Forum Everything Teeworlds! To kick players from the server and to do other similar esrver, you have to use the server commands. The spinner “Teambalancetime” is always disabled. Showing 1 – 13 of 13 comments. Admins pls ban this Please use the Report teeworlds server creator if you want to contact a moderator.