Test your reflexes and bowling skills to knock down the most pins and get the highest score possible. A game of bowling consists of ten frames. When I first told them my idea, they disregarded it and told me to focus on my work instead. Was it your idea and desire to launch Wolarsen or did someone propose a collaboration? The first thing I wanted to make was matt lipsticks, which everyone is interested in these days. Do you enjoy comedy shows and films?

tagnuulch aav

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tagnuulch aav

Even so, it launched over 20 types of products in It seems that Wolarsen Cosmetics is gaining a lot of attention among young women lately. Coal Mongolia urges producers to lead the market. Was it your idea and desire to launch Wolarsen or did someone propose a collaboration?

tagnuulch aav

In my case, I will never leave my brand — I will continue to develop it. I never wanted to give up even if I came across a tough obstacle. Namuun as the eldest daughter of famous comedy-actor D.


So far, I have received offers from Japan, China and Russia. I will soon go to South Korea to work in cosmetics production.

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Clear skin is the most important thing. Tsgnuulch looks really good on clear skin. This was purely my idea to start a cosmetics company and brand. I noticed that most girls and young women in Mongolia are very interested in beauty products. Most recently, my father performed in a comedy show with artists of X-Tuts Production.

Tagnuulch Aav

Do you get many offers to play in a film since you were a child actress? I plan to open my second store very soon. Every woman would want to have her own beauty brand. Business Interview Featured news Wolarsen Cosmetics founder speaks about tagnuulcy startup. In fact, I realized that people do whatever they can to achieve what they truly want.

Now, they are very supportive both mentally and financially.

You don’t need any other live players or weird-smelling borrowed. Obviously, the secret to perfect skin is a healthy diet. Mongolia signs into Central and West Asia energy cooperation declaration.


They are gaining a lot of knowledge about cosmetics and beauty products. Miners earn the most. I first got my hands on the recipe and ingredients for making a homemade lipstick during my trip to South Korea. Recently, you made a statement related to your brand on Facebook.


I have spent quite a long time studying and researching cosmetic and beauty products. In a way, it can be said that Wolarson is my Instagram name.

tagnuulch aav

I never thought that I would make another product back then. What does it mean? Namuun strives toward her dream believing that every obstacle she overcomes is a reward. But these rumors are getting worse so I decided to make a statement on my Facebook page. Thank you very much. I was very proud of myself and felt a bit of accomplishment when I was able to start my business on my own.