Thank you for taking the time to do this! Okay, so you have this set by default to show the blog archive page on the homepage. I found your site through doing a search on how to modify something on the LifeStyle Pro theme and am so glad I did. Will there be ads on my page? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this theme. Depends exactly what you mean.

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As you will note, the colors only affect certain parts of the site. Again, you are on WordPress.

Okay so to clarify, what is your homepage like? Big Kudos to you, Lifesfyle Would I be able to keep all of my old Pages and Posts?

Lifestyle Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

Full page content, no sidebars. The following is a description of how to set it up like the demo. With that said… 1. Sorry to bug again, but I was hoping you could help with one more thing, or direct me to the correct tutorial? Okay, so you have this set by default to show the blog archive page on the homepage. Here is a step by step guide to set up the Studiopress lifestyle theme theme as seen in the demo. A lot of Genesis themes have a homepage that is controlled completely by widgets. Thank you in advance.


In any case, the image does not have to be a specific size as the theme is responsive and it will crop, shrink and grow the image as needed. Otherwise, yeah, the default pretty much pushes it over if you use the header widget area. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this tutorial very much. Thank you again, Diana. If you have all your settings in place, deactivate your plugins and see if the thumbnails show up. When I wrote the posts, I had included the image on the left side — studiopress lifestyle theme is just not showing up on the home page.

They may suggest you use https, and they may even have it for free for you, depending studiopress lifestyle theme your host. So for example, if you want no sidebars on a selected page, you can choose full layout. Okay, first, it looks like you are on WordPress. Yes, in the sidebar it will depend on the widget. Do they have any directions of where they suggest you place the tag?

What you need to make sure is that. You can either use an image or a color for the background behind the this themes content. How do I turn comments off on the page? Content right, primary and secondary sidebar left. Studiopress lifestyle theme idea how I can edit the whole header area, meaning the blue bar, how can i change that entire bar to an image?


Hi, Bob, thanks for the the Lifestyle Pro tutorial.

Lifestyle Pro Genesis child theme tutorial

Can you please lifstyle me? Home Botom Left and Right You will hheme that in the demo both the two bottom widget areas are exactly the same. These foot widget areas are totally optional and you will want to make sure that studiopress lifestyle theme you use them, you are putting content in that adds to the functionality of your site. This video does not reflect that change, but the text and screenshot highlight below do.

Simply click that thumbnail and save to set it. This article help me understand this child theme.