English French Russian Serbian Transliteration. Samira Said gotan honorary award for her comeback after a 3 year hiatus, through her latest album, Ayaam Hayati Days of My Life, for which she was awarded a Distinguished Creativity Prize. With wind effects blowing her hair,fires burning everywhere and Roman style statues engulfing her, a wonderful video was created. Halina Hopkis called Said “an emblem of trans-nationality in her moves between Morocco and Egypt as well the different awards and shows she has received and participated in as a representative of the Arabic music community”. Lindemann – Mathematik German. People knew these would carry her far, but it was only when shegrew a little older and began singing that people realized she was destined forgreat things.

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Said spearheaded concerts to draw people together after the riots habibii immigrant suburbs across France, and to bring about solidarity between all religions. The array of the many styles she experimented established new groundrules for the Arab song. In a short time, Samira Said, as she is known in Morocco, became one of theleading names in her home country.

Samira Said – Leyla Habibi текст песни

The new couple does not stop there, rather they presented another song it was ‘Mosh hatnazel aannak Abadan’.

Retrieved July 29, In summer Samira rekindled an old flame between her and her Tunisian fans during her leilx at the Carthage festival, she sang a collection of songs in different dialects varying from Moroccan to Egyptian, Lebanese, and even western.


Sensing her greatness, many producers took her on and she began crafting beautiful songs, and recording many Arab favorites. Redistribution of all proprietary text, audio, music and other media materials prohibited without prior, express written permission of copyright holder.

Howa Tayeb Maaki Arabic.

Samira said leila habibi

The album had the great collaboration with Cheb Mami. Samira said leila habibi from the original on October 17, The Epoch of Romanticism. Another challenge was outlined that the position of the great star didnot allow her to darken. Sibni louahdi [8 ] It would be wrong to say that it was just the music that created such success. Kolli de echa3at She is often imitated but impossible to duplicate.

English Russian Transliteration 1 2 3 4. Part 3 Here is part three of a list of underrated anime that you might not have heard With the two international awards, Said has definitely, with no doubt, set new standards for herself.

Her first appearance ontelevision was in the show “Mawaheb”.

Her best known works include”Maghlouba” and “Wa’ady”. Kol di Eshaat Arabic Kol di Eshaat.

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She has dual nationality of Morocco and Egypt; her resident home as she moved to Cairo back on the year Heya gat alaya Arabic CD Single. Songs About Sex Let’s get naughty.


Unconventional funeral songs Songs that deal with death in a way that’s unconventional, inconvenient, funny, English French Transliteration Turkish. Ba’adin neta’ateb Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music. Archived from the original on November 11, As an example for all — don’t just stand there, do something– she gives intelligently, discreetly and powerfully, even when the world hasn’t yet realized it needs to samora up.

Samira Said lyrics

Her concerts are constantly fully booked, sometimes with so samira said leila habibi people that it exceeds the capacity of the stage at which she is performing.

Arabic musicEgyptian popMoroccan pop. However, she decided to move to Egypt so she could make a major impact on the entire Arab world. This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat Always a favorite of the judges, she often won, and launched her professional singing career from this.