Flag brookeaesthetic on July 01, I have classmates who say that they are christian and go to church every Sunday but still are the ones who talk the nastiest and are the ones judging all everyone around them, thats why i love the line I love the cause but not the act. Add your thoughts 27 Comments. There was an error. I think he can’t understand why God wouldn’t want their family in his church because they took in people that needed help in their home. I’ve experienced other Christians being judgmental and hateful towards others. Flag silasglines on February 24,

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General Comment The song is basicly about how he thinks the sight on God and Jesus is twisted by the church and fanatics.


Login with Facebook Error: And I sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah I’m set free. Doesn’t sound like a huge amount of trouble to me.

That man was love and not an act. Sure, hard rock music sacrilegious nevershoutnever out Satanic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t NOT have sacrilegious nevershoutnever with drums in nefershoutnever. I have close family that believes that there is no such thing as “Christian rock” music.

I also think that Chris believes in Jesus Christ which loves everybody equally and wants the best for them as long as they do the best they can, and therefor he can’t understand why there are so strict rules in the church. We do not have any tags for Sacrilegious lyrics.


God loves sinners neversjoutnever much as anyone else. Add your thoughts 27 Comments. And like hollynn sarcilegious bellow me it could even have been that he had judgemental people at his church that didn’t like his tattoos and piercings. And the only thing that the church wants to do is for us to keep sacrilegiouw testimony. He has clearly stated this a few times before singing this song live. General Comment Personally, I think this song is sacrilegious nevershoutnever the Church being judgmental to others.

Sacrilegious Lyrics

General Comment i think he tries to show how we can have Jesus in our hearts but not necessarily go to church. I personally don’t believe that God “hates” certain genres of music. It makes me ashamed of other “Christians” who would sacrlegious this. I am the Lord. General Comment him sacrilegious nevershoutnever his family got kicked out of church, a long sacrilegious nevershoutnever ago, and ever since he feels he doesnt meed church, to have a relationship with jesus.

Sacrilegious lyrics – Never Shout Never original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Never Shout Never — Sacrilegious. Love the way he sings the hallelujah part! SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. I love the cause but not the act.

NeverShoutNever! – Sacrilegious – Ouvir Música

My Interpretation this song is as direct as can be – he’s just talking about how he feels about his split with organized Christianity. I just think he’s talking about how the Church is being picky and focusing on outer appearances of others instead of just putting their focus on God. Cause Jesus was sacrilegious nevershoutnever friend and not a judge. Lyrics submitted by Kitkat I know it sounds so sacrilegious, But I just don’t belong in a place like that.


Sunday mornin’ wake up early, Skip church service to find my Jesus.

General Comment I think that Christopher Drew is somewhat wrong, and somewhat right. Login with Google Error: Flag silasglines on February 24, My Opinion It makes me so sad that the church is viewed as nevershouutnever so judgmental today. I don’t think he’s ever met a real Christian who will love him no matter what sin he’s had in his life.

To me he’s talking about the Churches “rules” and how they’re judgmental towards how you dress, tattoos, piercings Leviticus Sacrilegious nevershoutnever the reason why i think that the church judges a lot for people’s apperance, is because in the bible it has some rules or things that God wants us to follow,for example how sacrilegious nevershoutnever look from the outside,so that we can keep our testimony as Christian.