The band sacrificed much and invested enough for this adventure. Februar A Kekszakallu Herceg Vara op. Februar Fidelio op. All the fans know very well who is going to play. The first day of rehearsals. Claus Guth – Christian Schmidt. Gustavo was loved and known in the Panamanian showbiz.

sabina leonte album

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sabina leonte album

Los 33 was back to win a prize more. What do I know!

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Januar Messe in h-moll BWV August A Kekszakallu Herceg Vara op. Sony Music must have contributed much to its pressure. Our respects to Pablo, Salo former keyboardist of the Panamanian grandparents of rock, Oceano and Alberto of Insomnia for risking his family jewels for getting involved with this experiment with Los When foreign bands come to play in Xabina or any other country, it is normal to have lines in their contracts with demands for how they want things.

Starts the promotional tour with all the saabina and excite the rock community as usual. Mai Missa solemnis op. A super album with “Espiral” being the only new song of this production, a powerful rock energy discharge!


sabina leonte album

All back to normal after that. The band once again has a single guitar. Christoph Schoener Dresdner Barockorchester Some songs were peonte experiments live and many from other albums.

Roderich Kreile das Philharmonische Kammerorchester Dresden Bernard Haitink Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks It was a triple album with two CDs with 33 songs that most represented the history of the band.

A success before more than 5, fans!

With this production, Los 33 go on an international tour again, this time in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, Hollywood and Burbank Californiawhere they share the stage with a local band pickup and Enrique Bunbury former lead singer of Heroes del Silencio of Spainamong others, and their music gets a strong acceptance. November Messe in h-moll BWV Pfingstfesttag 3 CD Cover,1.

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August Il Pirata Oper 3 He was able to fulfill the contracts which the band had that year. It was a fad in lelnte early 80s, to have two ‘lead guitars’; more power, more force and better musical arrangements. That whole issue started some problems between the band and Sony Music. Claus Guth – Christian Schmidt.



Rosamund Gilmore – Carl Friedrich Oberle. Jens-Daniel Herzog – Mathis Neidhardt. Eduardo Bergallo, famous worldwide, is responsible for producing them. Chile and Vic write a new song, “Mision Oficial” official mission. This is how they were discovered and many describe their style as a pure rock, open sabinaa direct delivery of thought. Such protest ncident triggered a barrage of criticism in some media, the most negative, calling Vic as disrespectful, and some positive indicating that even when at home, the national artist has to endure being treated poorly.

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Februar La Straniera Oper 4 They met the deadline by a miracle. More tangles, miscommunications, judgments by speculation, misunderstandings, etc, etc, etc Anthony Kiedis, lead singer, gives a ‘high five’ to Vic. They were the 33 Orientals!