Try mo magupdate ulet… anong version ng xgen ung nadownload mo? Thanking you in advance. Kerabat Blog Diary of Health. Can u pls help me how to downgrade it to 5. I forgot that I was in the process of updating the post for downgrading from 6.

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My PSP is th fat version using system 3. I would like to ask if what kind of PSP console can you recommend for me to buy? I downloaded a Dissidia game which is gen-c3. Hi I have 4. I used the other link which gave me an iso file… Dissidia is working now.

Custom Firmware GEN-D3 DIRECTLY (Latest Version) | MaxConsole

Nope… pede naman kasi gumana ung 5. This is information you may want if you are an avid psp user and would like to hide your Mac address. This video will show you how to install CFW 5. By the way, i did overwrite the new PSP folder fr the old, bec i was asked. Always leave it in sleep mode if you want the CFW to stay enabled. Pero to assure you, I updated my PSP from 3.


PSP Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3

You can upgrade to 3. I just wanted to thank you for this web site, I love to do a one stop shop to see what is current with my psp. DO i gotta hen-d3 to gen a then gen b then gen d to gen d2 to gen d3 all over again??.

Madali lang sana ung update kaso since may chance na magfail mas assuring na sa shop ka na magpa update. Please pass on my 550 and a big whoop to the developer.

I think I found my prob. If you want to upgrade to 5. The green led comes but only for a few seconds and still psp cfw 5.50 gen-d3 screen is black. There is Sevril Rar Files, do i take all the isos from set files and put it in the iso folfder, or jest one iso? Not familiar with that…. Pleaase Im a big fan of SMT! And can you give me which of the two is stable? Both are stable but it really depends on which dev you which to follow.


Umm pa help po may psp ako ung version nya eh 6. What can be wrong? However some games do work like Crisis Core. My psp has been flashed with 3. Check your firmware version.

[PSP] Custom Firmware Gen D3 – Plays games | Digiex

This should let you unbrick your psp I was informed of the PSP with system version 5. Have you tried entering the recovery menu turn off your PSP and boot while holding the R trigger?

Excellent job you are doing here. Thank you so much for the reply sir! I have read on pspgen. Join 4 other followers.