It has influenced bands like Chandrabindoo , and has grown to become a major movement in contemporary Bengali music. During this time he felt that guitar is a simple instrument, which could be played by a solo musician, and there is no question about any type of multi-instrument orchestra. Nano work should resume”. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kabir Suman. Kabir Suman himself played guitar , Pratap Roy played synthesizer , and Samir Khasnabis played bass guitar.

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Kabir Suman’s recorded albums. Ravi Kichluthe head of the product development division of that company welcomed Suman, and showed interest to record his songs. Shubhendu Maity told Mr.

Kabir Suman

His songs have not impressed the rural people, but urban and suburban people appreciated them very much. This was when his will to write his own songs strengthened.

When Suman was young, Pandit Girin Chakrabarty had suggested his mother to teach him prothomoto ami tomake chai suman chatterjee sarodalthough this idea was never materialised. Retrieved 28 January The stage performance, lyrics and composition of Biermann changed his earlier concept of live performance, which would later have a great impact on his own stage performances. He started his training in classical music at tomaks very young age, under the tutelage of his father.


At the end ofVoice of Germany opened a Bengali department in Cologneand he applied for a job there. After reaching the US, he bought a portable keyboard when he got his first salary, and started practising to play with both hands. He started writing songs, breaking the song structure in two or duman parts by Counter Point Harmony. German Protho,oto also taught him some lessons.

He also recorded some information and amj about Sandinista Revolution at that time. His father suggested him to learn some musical instrument, and his parents inspired him not to stop singing completely.

He observed that the language and thinking of modern poems, story, novel, essay, journalism, drama, cinema and magazine have started changing, but not Bengali music. The Naxalbari Movement was slowly gaining strength. He was deeply inspired by Ustad Lrothomoto Khan.

Kabir Suman – Wikipedia

Emergency was imposed by Indira Gandhi. He is the first singer of Bengali music industry who is a multi-instrumentalist. He joined a band called “Samatan”. However, this band was unsuccessful and the members broke up very soon. Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat After much deliberation, Suman zeroed in on the name, Kabir Suman. Both these prothomoto ami tomake chai suman chatterjee were commercially unsuccessful, but he got some small scale popularity and received the opportunity to perform in live concerts.


The song was recorded in February However Suman felt that his musical talent was not being cultivated properly at Nagarik as he received limited opportunities to sing. He gave up learning under Kalipada Das. Later Suman stopped making songs for general audience and focused on more political issues. Later albums were more elaborately arranged with full studio orchestra and often classical Hindustani accompaniment.

It was released from Hindusthan Records.

He has organized some concerts on Bangla Khayal. Unfortunately the film was not completed, and so the song was also not released. There were some other vocalists and instrumentalists, instruments included guitar and percussions. After two months he bought a Double Deck Organ in monthly instalments and continued practicing. He tried writing poems, but it was not satisfactory.