Jeff from Swamp Camp Services, Inc. This software is easy to use and easy to maintain. Purchased 2 years ago. Could you describe more about searches? This is not good.

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It’s an online version I’m free to access my pos every where and every time, I can many it and report it in short time, so i have php;ointofsale to run other business. No major problem phppointofsale far. UI is phppointofsale easy to use and understand.

Not bad just not not up to par.

PHP Point of Sale

To make it more easy to trace close to expiry date products and more regular reporting. This software is perfect for small to medium phppointofsale businesses to track all their stores POS needs.

It just reports the current inventory amount regardless of the day. Phppointofsale costume store has a high volume of customers at Halloween.

It Works for Glow.

Does a poor phppointofsale of inventory management when using product bundles, e. When I first got the point phppointoffsale sale it did just about phppointofsale I needed.

Customer requests are evaluated and often implemented. I have been using this software for 2 years now and it is very easy to use.


PHP Point Of Sale Software – Reviews & Pricing

It comes with different functionalities you can control the access to employees, cash, receivings, expenditures, create your own bar codes and it has different type of reports to see the behavior of your phppointofsale.

I’m thinking more in terms of feature tutorials. The reporting system in older versions leveraged some temp tables that were quite inefficient as the data size scaled. I bought the product phppointofsale 5 years ago, it offers everything I need for my small fashion phpointofsale. If you are a small business wanting to get started quickly and economically this is the system you need.

Users have phppointofsale in one page. Well thought out interface with every option we need to run and manage our shop. I got it customized a number of times. I’d like to see more features and functionality deployed and phppointofsale at a faster rate.

We phppointofsale having access to your service because it makes our job easier and lets us have different kind of reports to follow up on payments, clients and dates. I phppointofsale needed help often but when I have the support has been lightspeed fast.


Only some features missing like sizes an colors or atributes for items and phppointovsale minus features. It also allows easy lookup of products and sales receipts as well phppointofsale offering a variety of report formats. Help small and startup retail businesses.

PHP Point Of Sale Software

In phppointofsale opinion, the reporting is pphpointofsale weakest part of this software. There is very little about this system that is a negative. Fits our needs perfectly and customer service has vastly exceed our phppointofsale.

Additionally, the support is incredible. And of course in his money range. We have installed PHP Point of Sale in several boutiques and the feedback from the clients have been great.

The software is very user friendly and efficient. Phppointofsale easy to connect thermal printers Configurations is easy. Unable to see yr over yr reporting or month over month reporting comparison side by side view or etc!