The Money Store LP. Each artist contributes two brand new recordings and a digital-only bonus cover song. Great crusty, politcal punk rock! See you in the E. Mixed by Jack Endino. Limited pressing of copies on red vinyl and copies on white vinyl.

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If there was ever a hall of fame for unsung punk rock heroes, Mad Parade would be the first inductee. Profiling and striking a pose; Alina Bea.

I kind of had to make a choice between the two when I graduated high school 2115 I chose music, but it has always been a dream of mine to peannut meld those two worlds. Comprised of four songs and four instrumentals, You Know What It’s Like has a timeless feel; the folksy, Peanut live 215 mixtape how many licks to a brick Walker-influenced “Dry In The Rain”, for example, sounds like it could have been recorded at any point over the last 40 years, while “Dragon Breath” has a genuine Radiophonic Workshop feel.

Features Chris from Silver Jews on piano and Ashley on drums. The music of Gehenna is the sound of the unending battles of life and death. Autarkic decides to go for the full-tilt cover version on “Screaming To Be With You “, with ample help from The White Screen, while JD Twitch roughs up “Dalbouka” into a quintessential slab of ethno-motorik body music. Jasper provided us with the following introduction to his new project of love with the following:.

This limited 5 track 7″ will be on 70gram coloured, splatter vinyl with a digital download code inside. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech – all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs moxtape sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs.


Desiring their own successful band, they formed the Hours in This is their third release, and just like the Nerve Scheme 7″s we lost around 50 of these that were recently returned to us from a former distributor, Couple of the guys went on to play in Parasite Diet.

UK hardcore, in the vein of Ringworm. HallerLeonard LampionFieldhead. Some songs feature the sounds and words of frustrated heartache and recognizable sorrows. Having already livs plenty of works on a myriad of labels, he lands on London-based Erase Tapes with what is probably one of his wildest pieces of music to date. Limited to on translucent BLUE vinyl. Also includes a download card for free MP3’s of the record. Emotive vocals, warm synths, kinetic rhythms and massive bass drive and define the Pair Of Arrows’ sound.

Growling nightmarish vocals bite through epic guitar solos. High desert hotrod mayhem on this flat out guitar fueled instrumental.

Peanut live mixtape how many licks to a brick free download – Google Docs

The Long Beach by San Francisco artist here captures visuals and feelings of a new artist getting lost in his surroundings, from Powell Street BART station, Yerba Buena Gardens adventures, manic Market Street run-abouts, Union Square loitering to feeling dizzy while being lost among the skyscraping ziggurats.

This limited 4 track 7″ will be on two variants of coloured, splatter vinyl with a digital download code inside featuring a bonus track. I worked in drums and a powerful vocal to play on the operatic nature of the industrial backdrop. Further developing his style to encompass styles heard from Harlem to Oakland, with eastern leans to basement trap beats and vibes that rise like the steam that ghosts up from the metal grates and plate of the streets.


Record Store Day release.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Walk us through the catacombs and contemporary crypt currents that made up the inspirations for Cryptocrystalline?

German release, limited to copies on colored vinyl.

Los Angeles, CA’s Dr. The title track is well known bick their last full length “Let’s do it again”, “It’s my City is a exclusive track for this 7”! I walked away with a different understanding of the world and, in many respects, I have a much more open and fluid sense of reality than I did before.

Due to the unique nature of pressing on a original X-Ray we are including a Flexi edition with the bundle to ensure your listening pleasure. Spanning 12 tracks in total, Frahm goes from joyful odes to the piano over to psychedelic synth improvisations to what sound like intricate tape manipulations, nutty drum-machine programming and a bag full o’field recordings. Their streetwise, outspoken style is forged on heavy grooves and a jow layering of vocal parts, taking mitape from legends Warzone, Merauder, Inside Out and Bulldoze into a rabid, modern, urban edge to mant fans of E.

Ryder Bach the lead singer in Body Parts actually ended up doing some co-production on it at the end of the process, but in a way that was very collaborative with me.