And the extensive research you have Pankaj Mullick set this poem to music at the age of 17, in the year and he used to sing this song in many programmes. The ease with which he has made a bengali boatman song sound so perfect in the bhojpuri tradition simply astounds me. The one in office is working, but the office computer has no sound! Sound of the cornet from the horizon, calls upon the eternal spirit from the core of my heart. On 7th May we can remember on one of the last universal genius of the 20th century. Here is Shrabani Sen version.

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You will find him in my next post on this subject.

Multiple Version Songs (16): Rabindra Sangeet and Pankaj Mullick | Songs Of Yore

The Tabla is a percussion instrument drum pair of North Indian classics Hindustani. This email id is already registered with us with facebook. The arrangement at the begining the first few notes on the flute backed by the pizzicato on the strings makes that very clear.

Listen to this wonderful lyrics and composition with English translation. Over a whole year with innumerable events at public places, in theatres, schools, in book shops among the literary friends millions remind of Tagore’s art works.

Come, someone take me with you In the last boat of the day At the end of the day…. Mullick inherited his musical interest from his father, who demonstrated a large interest in the traditional forms of Bengali pankaj mullick rabindra sangeet. Talat does full justice to pankaj mullick rabindra sangeet sweet tune in the Waris song.


Her Thesis was published as long back as -AD. Do you know the arranger was? Thank you, also, for the anecdotes — I really enjoyed reading this post. Pankaj Mullick’s gift to Rabindranath Tagore: I end this article by presenting the song which he composed on his last birthday in They have set up Pankaj Mullick Foundation since and there is also a site by the same name.

A composer, innovator, and an actor, Pankaj Mullick was treading thin ice when he dared to set poems Chopra Hrishikesh Mukherjee Asha Bhosle Especially for the untrained ears it may not be easy to absorb the Bani-pradhan Rabindra Sangeet.

Aus gegebenem Anlass des jaehrigen Jubilaeums hat die Regierung in SriLanka und Uruguay den ersten indischen Nobelpreistraeger fuer Literatur in Form eine Sonderbriefmarke gewuerdigt. He was a legend and a giant, both among the connoisseurs as well as the laymen. In both the cases the original Rabindra Sangeet and its Hindi translated versions were rendered by Pankaj Mullick.

IMC – India meets Classic presents “Pankaj Mullick, Rabindra Sangeet and Indian Film” (part 3/3)

Rangan there is a treasure house of old Tmail film songs which need Pankaj mullick rabindra sangeet tribute to old Hindi film music.

Please go through the entire article and share your views. This note is essentially to convey my gratitude to AKji, for putting in the extra effort by way offering suggestion, making necessary corrections through constant interactions.


Of course it is not possible to detail complex elaborations in swaralipi format nor any other format I guess definitely not western staff notation so a lot of it must have been handed down orally.

Much later in the 60s Jazzist and Pianist Martin Pinto worked with him. Tasher Desh touched upon the subject of regimentation and freedom from bondage. Thank for your erudite exposition on rabkndra and Western notation.

When I saw the film ages ago, that particular song stuck out as a throwback to a different clime. Die Feierlichkeiten zum sten Geburtstag, die seit dem 7. Before I sign off, I would like to share an interesting anecdote. His achievements in popularizing Pankaj mullick rabindra sangeet sangeet and composing the radio programme Mahishasurmardini, which has been airing for the past 87 years on the Mahalaya before Durga puja in West Bengal, has been widely discussed.

And This guy was none other then Nirmalendu choudhury!! This translation is not mine. Venkataramanji has given an excellent overview as to his place in RS.

Bhay hote taba abhaya majhe by Pankaj Mullick From my fear to your domain of fearlessness, give me a new life, O lord!