Recommended for New Symphonic Prog fans, but be sure you support Neal thoughts and ideas The rest of the song is pretty good, without nothing really standing out except the chorus of In the Name of God. Some bits in here are really stunning but some where a chore to listen to. The convicting tone returns in the second part, where the music sounds closer to Spock’s Beard than anything else on this album. The music as such is varied, dark and almost harsh when negative aspects of the story is told, uplifting and gospel-inspired in the more religious moments. Morse, I’ve come to really appreciate this album over time. I enjoyed bits and pieces of the each song but never really was able to delve too deep into the songs as a whole.

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Long epics pepper the album, consisting of Neal in all his prog metal glory. The bass is huge! The melodies and song structures have held up, and the first two songs are just fantastic.

The gist of the lyrics is that organized religion, no matter how spiritually pure at the beginning, becomes elitist and corrupted when it neal morse sola scriptura left in the care of human beings. It’s a long review. By the way “Sola Scriptura” means “Only according to the Scriptures”, how appropriate. It sounds really, really neat, though, and almost makes up for the fact that it really doesn’t make any sense for it to be in there.

Absoluetly fantastic, and although not the neal morse sola scriptura perfection that ‘One’ was, due to the last song loosing steam and repeating past idea’s a bit, it is still worthy of a VERY high 4 stars social review comments Review Permalink Posted Sunday, December 16, Review this album Report Review Sola Scriptura is a very enjoyable listen from start to finish, Neal Morse never seizes to amaze me!


The first piece of introduction is very critical to sell the music in the mind of the listeners. Musicianship With such a long write-up about composition, you will definitely agree with me that Neal Morse is really an excellent.

But this album contains before anything else, everything a progressive fan looks for: Sunday, May 20, Review Permanlink. Throughout the song, we see a few themes explored by the overture furthered, and some great ideas blossoming into beautiful sections.

The arrangements are excellent, there are numerous catchy and captivating melodies, and there’s a nice balance of virtuosic playing and storytelling that add up to very solid music.


However, the overall feel of the album isn’t exactly what I was looking for in the album. Heaven in my Heart 5: It gets nesl A’s across the board in every category.

This album worth to be investigated only for the stunning opening pieces The door, 30 min of high class neal morse sola scriptura and excellent ideas, one of the best pieces I’ve heard from progressive mors zone, excellent.

Hence the need to protest “false religions” his own words, in the CD notes. The album is certainly worth the small mercy of Father Sarducci’s cent fee. This is my second favourite Morse solo album after “?

I think it’s Neal Morse’s best so scripturx and that’s saying quite a lot since his previous music is nothing to scoff at. This is admittedly truest of the admittedly brilliant extended instrumental sections, but it is also revealed in some of the more “straightforward” melodies and songs.


Scorching guitar solo too. Note that this was before I heard his previous album?

Sola Scriptura (album) – Wikipedia

The Door is a pretty standard opening, with some killer overturial doodlings in the first four or so minutes. It would be useless to list other sections as highlights, because each one is a gem in its own right, and they all manage to flow together thanks to the adroit craftsmanship of Mr.

This time the harmonies are really good in terms of vocals as well as music. When it does, the very first vocal melody of the album is revisited. ,orse sure starts well, with a heavier rocking groove that transitions nicely into a tension building synth segment.

This time around, he uses the birth of the protestant church and Martin Luthers neal morse sola scriptura as the conceptual story, and has written songs scriptufa to reflect that story. Each song brings something new to the table, while still relying on the classic The hard rock basically represents the corrupt Catholic priests. No, it’s not some insane technical death neal morse sola scriptura riff, but neither is it scripthra slow lap steel guitar solo.