Pages that link to the Life Lexicon. So if you would like to look for a match based on the luminance channel, you would do as follows:. I have recently been asked to create a photo mosaic, where little photos are organized to represent another big photo. You will need to adjust the size of your image with a photo editor. Then in the bellow selection box for the unit of the height and width you can pick cm and set the size of the photo. The presence or absence of the eater indicates whether the cell should be on in the next meta-generation.

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To tile these unit cells metapixels emulate other patterns, place them so that the cornermost blocks overlap; the unit cells will physically overlap by 5 cells in every direction. For metapixels info, the repo of Metapixel with the documentation is on github.

The metacell uses a period tractor beamwhich acts as a clock. The nice part metaoixels that you don’t need to care if mftapixels are blury, too dark or exposed. Sep tember 29 These gliders then collide into beehives, which are restored by a passing LWSS in Brice’s elegant honeybit reaction.

metapixel package in Ubuntu

Some people asked me how to do this so I share this step-by-step indications as a step by step cheat-sheet. Metapixel is a command line tool so knowing how to use the metapixels would be metapixels useful prerequisite.

It requires you to do a little preparation pass metapixels the photos that will be metapixels as thumbs: You might not get a great result in this mode because Metapixel picks for each thumb the best match in the photo library. The state of the eater is read metapixels the collision of two antiparallel LWSSeswhich radiates two antiparallel gliders not unlike an electron-positron reaction in a PET scanner. I have recently been asked to create a photo mosaic, where little photos are organized to represent another big photo.


You will need to adjust the size of your image with a photo editor. The channels option are -y-weight-i-weight-q-weight. Note that the default value for each channel weight is 1.

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Metapixel – A Photomosaic Generator

The same photo can thus be picked a lot. The downside is that you will probably need a lot more photos to metapixels the mosaic or Metapixel might just fail.

You can set the weight for each channel, the weight metapixels between 0 and 1. This will ease the selection of the input photos. If you are not completely satisfied with the result but you don’t have any more photos that you can use in the mosaic, you could try the Metapixels –cheat option.

Then you need to pick the size metapixels each thumbs composing the mosaic. You should basically try with different sizes to get the result that better fits you. Most of the other tools either crashed or gave poor results. First thing first if you metapixwls to create such a mosaic you need to select the main photo and the photos that are going to compose it.

metapixel(1) – Linux man page

If the eater is present, the beehive would remain in its original state, thereby allowing the LWSS to pass unaffected; if the eater metapixels absent, the beehive would be restored, consuming the LWSS in the process.


The rule is encoded in two metapixels, each of nine eaters, where one column corresponds to the ‘Birth’ rule and the other corresponds to ‘Survival’. Depending on the type of image you want to compose, you might want Metapixel to search in the photot library with a different set of criterea. Retrieved from metapixels http: I needed around photos for my mosaic, but YMMV a lot according to the size of the thumbs and size of the resulting image.

It is mainly a matter of taste: It has many advantages over the previous-known unit cells such as metapixels p unit Life cell and deep cellincluding the ability to emulate metapixels Life-like cellular automaton and the fact that, when zoomed out, the ON and OFF cells are easy to distinguish the ON version of the cell is shown to the right and the OFF version of the cell is shown below.

Note that for projects of a 1mX0,5m photo mosaic, thumbs size wasor pixel.

metapixel package : Ubuntu

Some of the metapixels are utilised; the rest are eaten. It is possible to use the OTCA metapixel to emulate itself, and emulate other patterns on the resulting meta-metapixel.

Of all the metapiexls that I tried to achieve to compose the photo mosaic, Metapixel provided metapixels best result by far.