Erika will give you 3. Head far down and enter the most bottom house, which is your home. She will also have a medabot which could counter any attacks. Nouveau Gardien rates this game: Armond in front of the counter.

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Please e-mail me if you wanted to add this walkthrough in your website. You will meet Sloan again. Here is the legend of it.

Medabots: Metabee FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Game Boy Advance – GameFAQs

Careful of his medabot’s speed too. You will enter the lift.

Time to do metsbee sidequest now. Head into the southeast building which is Medabots Corporation. Once you win, Hachiro will send his medabot to push the Select guy away. Hachiro will become your friend. The Phantom will medabots metabee version gba. You will realize that Hachiro was the Rubberobo kid which disappeared. Head to the middle of the park the fountain is the middle of the park and then head up.


Return to Erika’s house and talk to her. Talk to the Rubberobo kid for another Robattle. Still you couldn’t lose this Robattle. If you want to trade medaparts just talk to these people. As you exit your house you will be engage in a Robattle with Erika.

Robattle those who wish to challenge you.

She will be surprise, but glad to medabots metabee version gba you again. There will be a group of three standing in the middle of the school’s field. Enter and talk to Erika. Head back to the Select HQ and you will see a scene medabots metabee version gba the mother reunite with her son.

He was not bad after all. Now, exit and you will see Professor Siraf. Use it to blast the rock blocking your path. He will apologize and walk away. Talk to her and she will follow you. Go up and search the left rack and you will find the Principal lock inside a rack??! His wheels give his medabots great agility so my advice is to have wheel type legs. Chameleon – compatible with medaparts that hinder enemy’s attack Rabbit – compatible with medaparts that controls medabot’s speed Monkey – compatible with medaparts that confuse enemies Now is time to go to new area.


Agree to Robattle with her. Use two medabots and she will be pulverised. Walk a little left and attempt to walk through the narrow lane between the wall and a building.

Medabots – Metabee Version USA

Now, you could use two medabots in any Robattle. Head up and talk to Erika. She will destroy the police medabots with ease and they will run away. At the junction, head left and follow the path.