She also thanked the organizers and hoped peace will spread all over the Arab world. One and Only Majida El Roumi Houssa Ahbbar – Maghrachinkh Ababa. The Arabic lyrics were written by Majida herself and the musical arrangement was accomplished by Jean-Marie Riachi. People attended the sold out concert leaving with moments filled with Majida’s voice.

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President Michel Sulaiman and First Lady Wafaa hosted many public figures, politicians and artists in this occasion. Komy – Riumi. This is why I am participating in this campaign, to shed light on this truth, because if we are aware we can avoid this terrible disease and thereby avoid misery, sadness and a poor quality of life. Her success prompted her father to ghain his mind and give her his blessings to pursue in singing as long as she continues her higher education.

Mol Mic Ft Gnawi – Liyam. Nour Men Nour was promoted majorly online and on Lebanese radio stations by two singles, Sahrit Eid and Min lli Tall, as well as a teaser on Majida’s official Facebook page.


All Majida El Roumi albums

Dedicated to Tunisialast performed in during Carthage International Festivals. Bigbag – Yamma Ana Mchit. Here a list from his albums: Access the complete album info 9 songs. Nohaila Samah – Tab3I Class.

Shaabak Wakif Bel Rih Live. The concert was attended by the country’s president and First Lady.


She also thanked the organizers and hoped peace will spread all over the Arab world. Performed many times on stage including in Carthage International Festivals in and in Dubai in Ninho – Binks To Binks Part 6.

Mazal Al Omer Harami. Soolking – Toujours Maudit. Access the complete album info 13 songs. Mohamed Benchenet – Fi Bladi Dalmoni. Al Tayru Taraban Yugharidu. Problems mjaida this file? Rhythmic and brass section were recorded at studios Val d’Orge and Meudon assisted by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra recorded at studio Tomtom and Radio Budapest with vocals and oriental instruments recorded at JMR studio’s.


Ghani Lel Jamaaya Episode 13 : Dali Ameur – Mp3 –

Retrieved on 14 October First performed in a concert in Beirut Downtown in also in a concert in Egypt in the same year. Loubnan Kalbi Remastered Retrieved 22 October Trippy Boyz X 4lfa – Regular.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Retrieved 3 February She also pointed out she has nothing but respect for the June Egyptian protests emphasizing that she has no political intentions whatsoever.

Bitajarod – Online Magazine. Notre Dame de la Victoire. Ghani Lel Jamaaiya Episode 05 Olfa ben romdhane. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.