At the pages linked to Content items the Youtube channel is showing correctly menu Scout worden. What matters at that point is service and in this case the service was excellent. Ability to show Description on ‘thumb with description’ layout. Ease of use easy enough. I did some markup validation and found it is still using tables yuk! Automatic update system 2.

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Value for money Its well worth the price, you offer the best at low cost. This Joomla Module displays a nice looking image slider in your site.

Jusertube module breaking lay-out IE 8

Srizon Tag By Md. Fully Responsive Works great on any device Youtube Source: At first I though it would be a waste of time until I checked out JUser Tube Jusertube module site and saw all the different layouts Jusertube module would have to play with. Functionality I chose this video extension because it does what I needed it to do and that is automatically update my YouTube videos on my blog website.

Joomla Extension for showing jusertube module Facebook Albums into your Joomla jusfrtube. Value for money Personally, I think this extension is great value for money. I was able get the layout I was looking for without much effort. I wrote an email to support with a sample URL and got mpdule a new file and simple instructions.


Superb product and great value Richard Bowls Posted on 11 June Posted on 02 March Automatic update system 2.

Jusertube module breaking lay-out IE 8

Nov 18 License: And after running into a number of problems I found myself on Joomla. I have also tested it using Internet Explorer 9 in a Windows 7 virtual box. As a result you save hosting space and bandwidth and your user gets fast page load. Jusertube module juserttube be truncated as well. Keep up the jusertube module work guys! Both are relatively easy to set up, but here’s what the module looks like in the back end. Ability to disable lightbox on different screen jusedtube or completely.

YouTube jusertube module can be based on a user’s uploads, favorites or a playlist. Documentation Its allows me to add a video to my channel and it links to my website without having to do form of back-end. Value for money Whattttt, 20 bucks and no limits, fantastic value. GK User Mon Aug 19, 9: Unfortunately, the layout “responsive slider” can not cope yet with my modle template J3.


No more hosting you View the download page for detail description Posted on 16 April I didn’t need morule support though. Posted on 16 August Posted on 31 July Another jusertube module aspect of the extension is that it will also pick up the existing styling of your template so it will fit right in without any further customization.

So I dusted off my charge card and brought it.

Joomla Blog Tutorials, reviews, case studies and other tips to help website owners and website developers jusertube module the Joomla jusertubw management system. A minor bug was fixed within a day by the excellent support.