Vukovi siti i sve ovce na broju. In serbian, of course! And could you please recommend me the answer for it? Spring, your explanation on the song is wrong Login Trouble New Rules? She killed her self and unborn child as she jumped off the bridge as her parents didn’t approve of him, due to him being other religion.

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I honestly do not know Thanks for the translation! Indexi – Bacila je sve niz rijeku [need some help]. But in this case I’d rather use it literally – bacilz makes the meaning more dramatic, i find. Login Trouble New Rules? Otherwise, I cannot accept it. Sorry for a late reply, and a perhaps unneccessary bump, but the song is actually about an abortion. She killed her self and unborn child as she jumped off the bridge as her parents didn’t approve of him, due to him being other religion.

It does give the line a different tone Ti si mi bila naj,naj. I suppose that my answer can be based on the words of this song, with some changes it might express my true feelings: Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.

How do you think, what did he mean with this message? But, maybe you can take something from here click. More translations of “Bacila je sve niz Click to see the original lyrics. Add new translation Add new request.


Your question is very understandable, I can see how someone might get confused. And btw I think the idea is great! This verse can be Bacila je sve niz rijeku. She stood within the garden like the most jee flower. The History of Popular Music Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. It should not be done literally, it’s better if you can manage it in order to deliver the main rrijeku and the beauty of this words. Bacila je sve niz rijeku English translation.

Bacila je sve niz rijeku (English translation)

I guess that depends on why you split up and if you want him back or. Originalni tekst pesme je u prvom postu onda sam ga ja prevela na engleski Verzija za koju si mislila bacil je greska je nastala tako sto je solsolis trazila prevod izmenjenog engleskog teksta kako bi vise odgovarao njenim osecanjima.

The History of Popular Music. Digimon Adventure Intro Danish.

Indexi Bacila Je Sve Niz Rijeku, 4 chords & tabs found @ Search

Popular Artists Popular Songs. Regarding your question what to answer to him. But it cannot be in the same way like before, it should come to the next stage, more mature and reliable.

If it’s possible to rewrite the lyrics on behalf of woman Dear Spring, thanks rijku lot for the prompt translation and for your attention to my request! Posted By wurzlsepp 0 replies Yesterday, She rijeky standing in the middle of garden like the most beautiful flower – Ona nidexi usred baste ko najljepsi cvijet As if she was a part of your imagination and of your music – Kao da je dio maste i muzike te She is listening to your song, the true song that you are singing to indexi bacila je sve niz rijeku – Ona slusa pjesmu tvoju, iskrenu sto pjevas njoj If you tell her welcome back, darling, she will come back to your life – Ako joj kazes dobrodosla nazad draga, vratice se u zivot tvoj She will come to your dreams, be a new sweet moment – Doci inddexi u tvoje snove, bit ce novi slatki tren She will be yours with all her body, like she has always been