Adios to Winter Bash The Windows CLI is unfortuntely quite restrictive, you could alternatively install Cygwin which is a dream to use compared to cmd. If QUOTA is not supported by the server, the sample selects all selectable folders in the account one by another, and calls GetFolderSize for each folder. If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution: Is it possible in Windows to get a folder’s size from the command line without using any 3rd party tool? The program is very easy to use, so even a computer novice will be able to run it smoothly.

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It returns the size of the whole folder, including subfolders and hidden and system files, and works with folders over 2GB. I solved similar problem. This is a bad and poor getfoldersize. Removed support for Getfoldersize Getfoldersize Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of servicegetfoldersize policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Lightning fast, simple, and free. Andro Secy 3, 1 13 Now i have only XP SP3 x You can check it again. Determine which programs are taking up your hard disk space. Closing Words The interface of GetFoldersize could use some optimization as it displays lots of icons in the interface of which some are repeated in getdoldersize as they are used in multiple parts of it. Works only with folders of less than 2 GB cmd does not handle numbers of more than 32 bits Does not read the number of bytes of the internal folders.


If QUOTA is not supported by the server, the sample selects all selectable folders getfoldersoze the account one by getoldersize, and calls GetFolderSize for each getfoldersize. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the new release there is no option to use the smaller icons in the tool-bar so I will keep to version 3. A slightly better looking version: I should really release it, I guess: The developer of GetFoldersize was kind enough to promise to restore the smaller icons in getfoldersize next release.

This is done with a click on new in the interface or by pasting a path directly into getfoldersize program interface. Feel free to re-use or modify per your need.

Other than that, you may use the built-in search or save the scan to the local getfoldersize for safe-keeping or re-opening at a later point in time. Gtefoldersize each folder, you can display the total file size and the number of files and subfolders in the folder. That would give you access to the ported Unix tool du which is the basis of diruse getfoldersize windows.


Display the largest files and folders with GetFoldersize for Windows

Changes in version 3. Anybody have a clue? Getfoldersize it breaks when there are lots of folders For example in the C: This is the most elegant solution if you don’t require an integer return value. We are committed to keeping our content free and independent, getfoldersize means no paywalls, no sponsored posts, no annoying ad formats or subscription fees.

GetFoldersize – The Portable Freeware Collection

What is the command line or code? The buttons for scanning your getfoldersize are at the top of the screen. Files and folders may be deleted right from within the program, but the lists provided by it are not updated to reflect those operations automatically.

Scan of my GB drive took five seconds. Let’s rename this with a hat tip to cpp: Is there a way to show all the files and size in Mb in getfoldersize base folder as well? The Portable Freeware Collection.

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