Garena Universal Maphack 13 for Warcraft 1. Garena Universal MapHack 13 for Warcraft 1. Smooth Camera is still there though and should do the job. I don’t use garena so I didn’t try bagsik. Get Updates via Email! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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So wouldn’t this be better to avert all those unnecessary death as well as time? I know adding minimap units to the gaerna list of features wont impress many 12.4e but im still a noob at hacking and a terrible programmer dont let the UI fool you. This is the latest version of Garena Master MapHack v No wonder so many players get into this site! Garena Universal MapHack v9. Using Garena Universal Maphack wif war3 version 1.

Yup, this is the hack I’ve been using for 1. Page 1 of 5. Features Can change delay in game or bef It would be good if there are human speech in the game instead of just text, text and more text. Garena Universal Maphack 13 agrena Warcraft 1. I know who you are. How to install Garena Universal Maphack 5.


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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This isn’t real hacking, I dont dl mh for playing with it just for opnening it when some motherfucker is playing with mh on the other teamand beside that ,aphack for noobs plz make sth that remove that fucking 5SEC waiting after joining a room. I have just file so can’t be ext. Sign In Sign Up.

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Gr8, now with this MH release pk dota and other several rooms will be more crowded with a-holes thinking they are pros: Any tard can do it, now L2P please Garena Universal MapHack 11 is now available for download. Garena Garens Maphack 11 for Warcraft 1. However, they could be detected any moment, so to be safe, use the DropBNet method. Garena Universal Maphack 6. Garena Universal MapHack v8.

Since I’m new here, I will start a program for a month Do not download Ghost Hack. This file is for the players who dlta “need” it but want to be better in the pub games they host. Thanks for the sharing and good job. If you uncheck patch, you will garrna the maphack from memory Shows that it successfully displays the rune and also bypasses the -ah command. I dont have a RapidShare premium account and i garena dota maphack 1.24e download!!!


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I would like to get anti-MH program for host. Garena crack able to enter ladder room. Joined a game with 3 of my accounts, epic lulz.