Named variables are not case sensitive. Latest Macro compiler can compile any valid Harbour code including code to pre-process before compile. There are also a lot of individual web sites where you can obtain useful information on the subject. This post borrowed by curtesy of Vikipedia from here: A scalar holds a single value, such as a string, number, or reference to any other type. With the source code that we deliver with it, you have the freedom to master it, and to fine tune the library to your own needs.

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Sailing the Clipper ship to a Harbour port. This site uses cookies. For a limited time offer, FTDN users get all FiveTech products, including six months free upgrades and unlimited tech support. Join the large community of FiveWin developers and get the best tech support for xbase available today.

Latest Macro compiler can compile any xharbout Harbour code including code to pre-process before compile. It owns characteristics that were very attractive for their time and its surroundings of work TWOsuch as: A detailed comparison fivewni extensions implemented in Harbour and xHarbour can be xhqrbour fivewin xharbour SVN repository of the project on SourceForge. Harbour has OOP fivewin xharbour with full support xhwrbour classes including xharbuor, based on Class y syntax.

Such values will be shared with any other Codeblock which may have access to those same variables. A solution that suits your needs. Harbour as every xBase language is case insensitive and can optionally accept keywords written just by first four characters. Arrays are ordered lists of scalars or complex types, indexed by number, starting at 1. As developers, you and us have to focus on productivity and we can’t loose precious time on debugging, thats why its so important to count with a first class tech support fivewin xharbour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year.


Harbour is a synonym to port where ship docks Harbour is out port to the Clipper language. Detached variables will maintain their value for as long as a Codeblock referencing them still exists.

Harbour Community in Fivewin xharbour Plus. About Products Purchase Support Contact. Named variables are not case sensitive. A professional source code editor for Windows. The Harbour developers have attempted to document flvewin hidden behaviour in the Clipper language and test Harbour-compiled code alongside the same code compiled with Clipper to maintain compatibility.

A multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. Under Hxarbour and Windows Mobile, Clipper source code can be compiled with Harbour with very little adaptation.

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As of —, Harbour has seen a huge increase in its adoption while xHarbour decline as can be seen on his mailing list. Any xBase language provides a very productive way to build business and data intensive fifewin. Menu Skip to content. In other words, any Harbour fivewin xharbour may be extended and modified at runtime to compile and execute additional code on-demand.


All included when you buy a product from us.

Enjoy our first class tech support service. FiveWin has been helping so many companies to migrate from Clipper MsDos apps to Windows, turning into a robust xhzrbour powerfull library, specially designed for the Clipper language, to use all the fivewin xharbour that Harbour offers. Tech support team always available.

All types can be assigned to named variables. Or if you have already built your Windows app and now you are ready to develop your Linux or Mac OSX app, fivewin xharbour at FiveTech we provide you all the tools you need, so you are not limited to a certain operating system and you get ready to satisfy your customers requirements.

All of them name like dBASE compilers. Under Microsoft Windows, Harbour is more stable but less well-documented than Clipper, but has multi-platform capability and is more transparent, fivewin xharbour and can run from a USB flash drive.

Harbour has 6 scalar types: Surely, if you search, you will find more convenient to your needs.