Streaming and Download help. Divined by trophonios, 7: The album was recorded in London, Athens and Thessaloniki Musicians on stage: Daemonia Nymphe strikes back! Actually music is helping me every day in all aspects of life. Daemonia Nymphe perform and compose music with reproductions of ancient Greek instruments. During their shows, the 3 singing Nymphs wear masks and interpret bewitching ancient danses.

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Music has inspired me to create things that are connected to a positive way of life. It can also change the way we see things, it is so powerful that it can change an image in front of us,we can see it in a more positive or negative way.

Daemonia Nymphe – Wikipedia

The bacchic dance of the Nymphes – Tyrvasia new edition Nymphs of the Seagod Nereus. Daemonia Nymphe strikes back! There are so many that I wouldn’t want to mention any in particular. Summoning Divine Selene 7. Purchasable with gift card.

The Bacchic dance of the nymphs. To Goddess Asterppe It starts with Zephiros the god of Windthen comes ‘Pnoe’ the breath that animates each thing.


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Hymn to Bacchus 8. The bells of Archeron, 3: In general this music refers to the Nymphs Satyrs, Pan and Dionysus, Divinities of the woods, lakes and mountains which are so much connected with this sacred land “Hellas”. They have performed live in many other countries in Europe.

Her voice is pure, angelic, it is like an angel flying over dark ice fields. The album was recorded in London, Athens and Thessaloniki. But why is it so important for us to approach the ancient sound? Order this item through our mailorder. Collector ex only. Clear Spot – clearspot. It includes live performance in Clisson France and first official daemonia nymphe krataia asterope clip directed by French director Mallory Grolleau.

The Calling of Naiades 6. They are working with legendary Greek instrument maker Nicholas Bras. In that new Cd the band moves towards into new pathsin a different more recognised sound because the majority of the tracks are played by the replicas of the ancient Greek instruments.


We know the passion of the band for 80’s ‘Brit’ sounds close to Kate Bush, or ballads reminding Blonde Redhead. The bacchic Dance of the Nymphes- Tyrvasia. Clear Spot – www. Llyr Lyra is the name of the instrument of the Bards and the Greek lyrical poets; a sacred musical instrument visually inspired by the grace and nobleness II daemonia nymphe krataia asterope Peacemaker Global Quartet.

The ‘I Listen’ box combines the power of images, sounds and words. One year later, a co-operation gradually changes the course of the band. Their music is a kind of World music mixing Folk, traditional music and Rock.

The Bacchic Dance of daemonia nymphe krataia asterope Nymphs – Tyrvasia. The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs 4. Divined by trophonios, 7: Dark Atmospheric heavenly voices.