Robert Walker, who also wrote this track. What makes this such a beautiful track is that beautiful, haunting vocal, which soars emotively and passionately, as the arrangement quickens, while the waves are a constant companion to his pleas. The album was a succession of blessings after blessings. Ngnari Konon opens with dialogue between Oumou and Boddhi, before giving way to dark and foreboding synths. He almost raps the vocal, while the arrangement is quick, the beats crunchy and the synths squelchy. Happiness, joy, sadness, and frustration are just a few of the variety of emotions the music on Invocation provoked.

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A slow emotive vocal accompanied by boddhi satva invocation, percussion and moody synths, gives way knvocation a spoken vocal before the crisp and crunchy drumbeats make their appearance.

Although enjoying being immersed in the local music scene, Boddhi wanted his music to be heard much further afield. Quickly, he bosdhi a reputation as a talented producer, one capable of producing stunning music, music that had an uplifting quality, ByBoddhi produced the Ancestral Soul, released on Yoruba Records.

Best Wishes, Derek Anderson. On Invocations are fourteen tracks, where Boddhi Satva collaborates with a variety of artists, producing some uplifting, inspirational and beautiful music, music that crosses the musical genres.

BODDHI SATVA-INVOCATION. | dereksmusicblog

No Derrick it is a easy mistake and Pegguy did do a good job on singing…. Under the guise of Louie I was able to fly to the the US and work with some artist that I really looked up to. Happiness, joy, sadness, and frustration are just a few boddhi satva invocation the variety of emotions the music on Invocation provoked. The track that brought this album to my attention is next, From Another World, featuring a quite beautiful, but almost haunting and spiritual vocal from Vikter Duplaix.


This makes the track perfect for both listening to at home, or on the dance-floor. His voice has a compelling and spiritual quality, on a track that has a real African roots sound, augmented by synths.

The vocal is delivered with a tenderness and sincerity, against a backdrop that fuses two cultures. Not only has each track something different to offer, but each track is of the highest quality. Ngnari Konon opens with dialogue between Oumou and Boddhi, savta giving way to dark and foreboding synths. This was one of the people who inspired Boddhi, fueling and inspiring his love of house boddhi satva invocation, Louie Vega, from Masters At Work. Towards the end of the track, the arrangement grows in power and volume.

From the first time I heard it, I was enchanted and enthralled by its subtlety and beauty. Having established his own label, another label owner would sign Boddhi to boddhi satva invocation label in Thanks for the introduction. These rhythms combine with punchy, pounding drums, stabs of keyboards and percussion.

Each of the invocatioon tracks on Invocztion has something different to offer, with each track given its own twist by Boddhi Satva. Having started recording Invocation inthe album was completed later that year. Anderson keep up the good work.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I feel that all the stars are aligned and for the first time people are really going to experience Boddhi Satva in his truest form. Her vocal is a mixture of emotion, passion and power.

Thanks very much for that. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It seems Boddhi found inspiration for this track from his love of house music. I received the support from devoted singers, songwriters, musicians, and friends who truly believed in the project and helped me with their contributions.


A work of art that was 10 years in the making spawned from an outlet to heal my inner pains as well as my gratitude for the blessing of life gave birth to Invocation. This is the result of drums and percussion combining with the boddhi satva invocation, augmented by multi-tracked backing vocals.

DJ-ing and producing deep house music was now going to be his career. Boddhi Satva was born and spent the early part of infocation life in infocation Central African Republic.