The shopping cart is empty. The aforementioned song is definitely one of the most diverse, and ethereal one on this album. Yawning Druid Though a clear divergence from their earlier, signature blackgaze style, Alcest have retained their knack for masterful songwriting and have written an album that demands attention from the listener without the need or bombardment of aggression. An Interview With Alcest”. La Nuit Marche Avec Moi. The problem with Shelter is that it seems exclusively preoccupied with sounding as pretty and ethereal as humanly possible, and whilst this can work from time to time, I’ve always felt that Alcest had that harsher edge about them that made them stand out and elevate the quality of the music. Over the years Alcest made this music popular beyond genre borders, and today they are the protagonists of the music genre they invented.

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After all if Alcest shelter wanted to listen to some alcezt and emotive music I’d listen to Agalloch, you know something that is atmospheric and emotive, and whilst my comparisons to ambient may seem a little far fetched on first glance I strongly stand by that statement. The experience offered by this album, is something truly unique, as an avid alcest shelter fan, I consider this piece of art, as a true ingenious masterpiece.

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New here at Prophecy? Neige, the brains behind this shdlter tries his best to verbalize the absolute of humanity in his music, and lyrics. Reverb-laden guitars, fragile vocals and a Romantic longing for childlike essence are all familiar ideas for Alcest. I recommend every single shoegaze, or post-rock fan to give this song a listen, although I wouldn’t recommend it as a allcest to Alcest since it alcest shelter significantly from their other releases. Maybe you need to be an existing fan of Slowdive to appreciate the guest spot, but I think his performance sounds terrible.


On the topic of voices, Neige’s clean vocals have always been fragile, but I have always thought that sense of vulnerability worked alcest shelter alcfst the tone they were going for.

The pacing of the songs flows quite nicely. However, closing track Deliverance makes up for this, over its ten minute length, it builds from slow and quiet, to brighter and more energetic, layered extremely well with strings, reverb, picked guitar, and calming vocals.

Where they may have been comfortably alcest shelter in the mix on the debut, they now come front and center relative to all else.

ConorFynesApril 12th, Easier said than done. I think I would prefer if Alcest developed their songs in this alcest shelter way than the style before, as the songs flow much better than on the last album.

My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive were definitely the two bands which inspired this band to create such a masterpiece, as alcesy album called “Shelter”.

Subscribe to Metal Injection on. It was drenched in melancholy, atmosphere and beauty, and became widely well known within the metal scene. If you are already our customer, please log in using your e-mail address and your password.

Alcest – Shelter

Retrieved January 30, In a span of fifteen years, Alcest have undergone such a massive transformation from the grim, sjelter juveniles of that it’s hard alcest shelter imagine they’re still the same band. There’s no real formula alcest shelter work here with these songs. It should also be noted that Neil Halstead of SlowdiveNeige’s favourite band if I’m not mistaken offers his alcset on the song “Away”. You have the female vocals, provided by Billie Lindahl, that gives that extra element of atmosphere.

Alcest – Shelter – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

That alcest shelter is most definitely, with no signs of screamed vocals, no tremolo picking, no faster sections, nothing that resembles the second alcest shelter of the niche fusion they created.


Winterhalter holds down the well constructed and varied mid-paced styles of beats with care and relative ease. If you like Alcest, you may also like: The depressive shrieks most of us are accustomed to, are basically non-existent on this piece of art, although it’s non-existence is made up for shleter Niege’s ethereal vocals.

Alcest fans should definitely still give this a go, but should expect a change in style and go into shwlter with an open mind. After all, even at their most intense, Alcest were never ‘particularly’ metal alcest shelter begin with. France has always been one of the forerunners alcest shelter it comes to the production from an intellectual source. If you like Alcest, you may also like:. Now don’t get me wrong, Shelter is a very pretty album and I really feel Neige has finally recreated his view of his fairyland and I commend him for that, but at times the atmosphere often becomes bland and alcext.

XenokristApril 17th, The problem with Shelter is that it seems exclusively preoccupied with sounding as pretty sheter ethereal as humanly possible, and whilst this can work from time to time, I’ve always felt that Alcest had that harsher edge about them that made them stand alcezt and elevate the quality of the music. Alcest lets this album speak for itself. These three songs were not awful, they’re are fairly decent, alcezt just that.

On the previous record, we had this very clean, metal sound, very regular.